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Production Facility

A strong team of production is in-put to lead the day to day activities along with a team of supervisors who strictly supervise on the productions & quality. This whole team is lead by a very Senior Management team controlling total production, process & deliveries.

The latest machinery equipments along with a broad capacity of stitching & finishing made Continental strong enough into manufacturing & production and proved a strong competitor

In this business.


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The Weaving machineries are well depth in producing bigger widths in quantities. The facilities are:

  150 Power looms producing a width from 130cm to 280cm.

  50 Pit looms producing a width from 50cm to 180cm.

  50 Imported Shuttle less Somat Brand with Dobby & Jacquard of width 180cm to 360cm.

  40 m/cs for Tufting & 70 m/cs for m/c Embroidery and 20 for Ari Embroidery.

The Processing unit is also facilitated with:

  Cabinet Dyeing Units of 6000 Kg yarn/day.

  Piece Dyeing m/c of 2000 Kg/day.

  Well equipped washing unit with Italian made Dry Cleaning facilities & Tumbling.

  Korean made Fusing m/cs.

  300 stitching Zuki m/cs.

  Filling centre for Cushions & chair Pads.

The following Testing facilities are performed in our in-house Testing Laboratory.

  Laundrometer: Color fastness to washing.

  Crockometer: Color fastness to rubbing.

  Lee Strength Tester: For yarn strength.

  Beesley Balance: For count test.

  Oven Dry m/c: For moisture content & regain.

  Dye Bath : For recipe calculation.

  Washing m/cs: For measuring dimensional Stability.

Beside these, we have around a space of app 50,000 sq fts spreading tables only for Finishing & Packings. The total production unit is spraded with a space of app 1,20,000 sq fts .



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